5 Actionable Email Marketing Tips For Small Business. Get Better Returns From Email Marketing.

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Email Marketing tips for small business

Remember email marketing tips won’t work unless you take action. When it comes to ROI email marketing is the top dog, and yes it is still alive in 2018. Email marketing has the potential to bring returns $44 on every $1 spent.

You cannot send emails and expect conversions. Running a successful email marketing campaign requires planning, designing, scheduling, and monitoring.

Before we talk about engagement rates it is important to get your emails delivered.

  1. Build a quality email list
  2. The quality email list is rare, and it does not build overnight. People end up purchasing an email list, which is not a good idea. Mailing accounts on the purchased list does not care for your message or offer.

    Yes, a quality email list will take time to build, but it does give good returns in long-term. Follow this steps, and you are on your way to making the quality email list.

    • Make the easy sign-up process
    • Update your blog on a regular basis
    • Make sign-up page visible on every page
    • Email Signup Tab on your Facebook Page
    • Finally, have a good email content

  3. Manage and clean your email list
  4. No matter how hard you check your list. Emails do decay over the period which requires cleaning to maintain the list hygiene.

    • Use email verification API

    • Email verification API checks email addresses at the point of the entry, i.e., Sign-up process. Email verification through API keeps invalid and disposable emails away from your list. Here are some of the best and free email verification API services.

    • Clean email list before the next marketing campaign

    It is not a good idea to spend money on email accounts that will not go into the inboxes of the recipients. Email list verification solves deliverability problems like hard and soft bounces.

    Email verification checks emails that are safe to send. Mailing to a list of valid emails will generate better results.

  5. Planning an email campaign
    • Segment your subscribers
    • Segmenting your data helps in sending targeted emails to a specific group of people. Segmented data always performs well as compared to unsegmented data. Segment your subscribers by interests, buying history, demographics, and location.

      Segmentation helps you in staying relevant which is a key in email marketing. A relevant email earns a conversion, while an irrelevant email can lose a subscriber.

    • Know your customers (Personalize)

    Personalization does not mean addressing your customers by the first name. Knowing your customers will help you in sending tailor-made emails for better conversions. Cookie tracking is helpful in understanding the actions of your customers.

  6. Designing an email campaign
    • Use technology
    • There are a lot of email marketing services, which makes it difficult to choose the right one. Understand your business needs and match the features of email marketing service. This will be helpful in selecting valuable tools for your email marketing campaign.

    • Content

    Content and design is the heart of your email marketing campaign that will run the show for you. You Need to know who your subscribers are to serve relevant messages and offers. Send out the right content at right time for optimizing your conversion rates. Below is the list for of content ideas to better engage your subscribers.

    • Free tips or online courses
    • Demos or test session
    • Providing incentives
    • Hosting an event
    • How to guides
    • Industry reports

  7. Scheduling an email campaign
    • Strike the Iron when it is hot

    It is a good practice to follow-up with your prospects on time.

    There is no point of sending a thank you email after 24 hours of subscription or a conversion. Being there at the right time is what differentiates between success and failure.

    Remember, that the timeline of sending emails differ with every industry and products.

    Try out different offers, timelines, and content with the use of A/B testing to see what fits your business.

    Follow this general outline for better results.

    • First Email – Thank you email coupled with added value or a promise
    • Second Email – Next day asking needs of the customer
    • Third Email – After two days ask for review or testimonial
    • Fourth Email – After five days, sending case study or tips

  8. Monitoring and tracking emails
    • Analyzing reports

    Monitoring and measuring your email campaigns gives you room for improving . Every Email marketing service will provide you with analytics to work. Here are some of the critical metrics to look.

    • Open rates
    • Click rates
    • Bounce rates
    • Unsubscribe rates
    • Conversion rates*

    Bonus Tips

    1. Low open rates?
    2. – Try scheduling emails on right time and consider headline analyzer

    3. Low click rates?
    4. – Try different offers, take help of A-B testing

    5. High Bounce rates?
    6. – Consider cleaning your email list

    7. High Unsubscribe rates?
    8. – Be relevant, and understand customer preferences.

    9. Low conversion rates?
    10. – Offer incentives

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